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First World War (1914-1918)
HMCS Grilse, Torpedo Boat

HMCS Grilse was the Royal Canadian Navy's fastest ship during the First World War. Originally built as the yacht Winchester, Grilse was converted to a torpedo boat and served off Canada's Atlantic coast.

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Cutlass, 1900 Pattern
Cutlass, 1900 Pattern

Sailors aboard HMCS Grilse and other Canadian ships were issued cutlasses like this for guard or boarding party duties.

This 1900 pattern (model) cutlass would not have looked out of place in naval combat in 1800. First World War cutlasses were not purely ceremonial items. They were weapons forming part of the ship's stores and were issued when there was the threat of contact with the enemy: on guard duty, in battle or in handling prisoners. The 1900 pattern cutlass, the last naval cutlass issued, was officially retired in 1936.

Cutlass, 1900 Pattern
CWM 19740037-004

HMCS Grilse at Speed
HMCS Grilse on Convoy Duty
HMCS Grilse at Dock, 1916
HMCS Grilse and Allies' Flags
HMCS Grilse Firing a Torpedo, 1915
Torpedo Practice, HMCS Grilse
Torpedo Gyroscope
Lieutenant Jack Ross and Sailors of HMCS Grilse
Cutlass, 1900 Pattern
H.M.C.T.B. Grilse Cap Tally
Two Sailors on Board HMCS Grilse
HMCS Grilse's Crew