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Second World War
Battle of the Atlantic  - U-Boats and Convoys

The struggle between German U-Boats (submarines) and Allied convoys was the core of the battle of the Atlantic. U-Boats sought to destroy Allied merchant vessels and warships, while Allied convoys sought to transport food, supplies, weapons, and personnel across the Atlantic.

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U-190 Model
U-190 Model

This model of U-190 represents a late-war version of the Type IX U-Boat (submarine), one of the two main types the German navy used in the battle of the Atlantic.

The Type IX and the smaller, shorter-ranged Type VII were the major threats to Allied shipping. Forward- and rearward-firing torpedo tubes (left and right) were the submarine's primary weapons. Anti-aircraft guns (centre right) were a response to Allied aircraft. U-190 sank the minesweeper HMCS Esquimalt near Halifax on 16 April 1945, with the loss of 44 of Esquimalt's crew, and surrendered to Canadian forces in May 1945.

Model Submarine, Type IX U-Boat
CWM 19720073-001

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Corvette Bridge
Cargo Ship in Convoy
On Escort Duty
HMCS Barrie
HMCS Chambly Model
HMCS Clayoquot , Bangor class Minesweeper
Model, HMCS Swansea
Merchant Aircraft Carrier (MAC) at Sea
"Taking a ?Green One'"
White Ensign, HMCS Arrowhead
Duffle Coat
John Doyle, HMCS Digby
Service Dress and Cap, Leading Seaman John Doyle
Corvette Mess Deck, His Majesty's Canadian Ship North Bay
U-190 Model
U-190's Crew, September 1942
U-889's Forward Torpedo Compartment
U-889 Running at Periscope Depth
The Sinking of the SS Winnipeg II
Torpedo Damage to HMCS Chebogue
HMCS Trillium Crowded with Survivors
Depth Charge Explosion
U-744 Being Boarded