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Second World War
Battle of the Atlantic  - Weapons and Technology

Combatants in the battle of the Atlantic relied on weapons and technology to attack the enemy, to defend themselves, to communicate, and to rescue friends and foes.

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Fueling Mid Atlantic
$90 Killed this U-Boat!

This 1943 poster uses a dramatic image of a Canadian destroyer (right) sinking a German U-Boat (submarine) (left) to raise money for the war effort.

Naval themes and imagery were used throughout the war for fundraising and patriotic purposes, and this poster sends the message that Canadians could directly help destroy U-Boats through their financial contributions. War Savings Stamps were part of the Canadian government's program of fund-raising to help pay the war's enormous costs. Ultimately, some $50 million was raised through the purchase of the 25 cent stamps.

Wartime Fundraising Poster
CWM 19720114-012

4-inch Naval Gun and Mounting
.5-inch Vickers Mk III Heavy Machine-gun
"Pom-Pom" Anti-Aircraft Gun, HMCS Kamloops
Anti-Aircraft Gun and Crew in Action
Depth Charge and Thrower
Hedgehog Anti-submarine Projectile
Squid Anti-submarine Mortar
"Squid Explosion", HMCS Copper Cliff
Medium Frequency Direction Finding Loop
Binnacle, HMCS Swansea
Gyroscopic Compass
Taffrail Log
Wheel House
Fueling Mid Atlantic
German Signal Lamp
W/T Operator and Messenger
"Mae West" Life Belts, HMCS St. Laurent
Royal Canadian Navy Life Vest