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Second World War (1939-1945)
The Navy in European Waters  - Coastal Operations: United Kingdom and European Waters

The Royal Canadian Navy, employed on coastal patrols, convoy escort duty, and support operations, made an important contribution to the naval war that raged in the waters around the United Kingdom and off the nearby European coast.

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Dumaresq Mark VIII
Dumaresq Mark VIII

Canadian Tribal-class destroyers used this mechanical fire control computer to help direct their powerful batteries of 4.7-inch quick firing guns.

The Dumaresq Mark VIII was a compact, manually adjusted computer that calculated the relative courses and speeds of a ship and its target, indicating their changes of position with respect to each other. Various components were moved and adjusted to input information on courses and speeds, while pointers provided data to help aim guns. The version of the device seen here was a key part of the fire-control system that made Canadian destroyers potent surface combatants.

Range Finder, Dumaresq Mk VIII
CWM 19700010-001

Depth Charge Attack on U-Boat
Rescuing German Survivors
German Prisoners, HMCS Swansea
Norris Jones's Diary, HMCS Swansea
Spent 4-inch Cartridge Casings, HMCS Swansea
Laying a Smokescreen, HMCS Swansea
Helmet, Able Seaman G.F. Brown, HMCS Assiniboine
Canadian Tribal Destroyers in Action
Action Aboard HMCS Iroquois
Stokers, HMCS Huron
Decorated Helmet, HMCS Huron
HMCS Athabaskan Model
Dumaresq Mark VIII
Loss of HMCS Athabaskan
HMCS Athabaskan Survivors in Captivity
Damage to HMCS Qu'appelle's Stern
Always the Same Enemy! 1673-1943, Fight Together with Us!
Amateur Strategists in the Channel
Lieut. Charles Anthony Law, R.C.N.V.R.
Artist's Box, Commander Charles Anthony Law
Motor Torpedo Boats in Dover Pens
Commander Charles Anthony Law Medal Set
Picking up Motor Torpedo Boat Survivors
Lieutenant John Shand's Sweater