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Second World War (1939-1945)
The Navy in European Waters  - The Arctic Convoys and Scandinavia

Following the Soviet Union's entry into the war against Germany, the western Allies established convoys carrying much-needed supplies to Soviet Arctic ports, most notably Murmansk. Canadian ships participated in these convoys, and also visited Scandinavian countries in the wake of Germany's surrender.

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Polyarny Harbourfront, April 1945
Polyarny Harbourfront, April 1945

This photograph shows the harbourfront at Polyarny, the Soviet naval base used by Canadian and Allied warships escorting Arctic convoys.

Taken from on board HMCS Iroquois, the photograph gives a good idea of the often bleak nature of northern escort work. Nearby Murmansk was the target of German air raids, and the area is still partially shrouded in snow in late April. During this visit, many of the Iroquois' crew received shore leave and attended a local concert celebrating the entry of Soviet troops into Berlin.

George Metcalf Archival Collection
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Kye on the Middle Watch - Murmansk
Ship's Company, HMCS Stormont
Men of Valor, They fight for you!
Canadian Blue Ensign
Seamen, Tribal Class Destroyer
Commander Kenneth F. Adams and HMCS Iroquois
Canadian Tribal Class Destroyers at Polyarny, Russia, April 1945
Polyarny Harbourfront, April 1945
Oslo Harbour, Norway, 13 May 1945
HMCS Iroquois Sailor, Oslo, Norway
Canadian Sailor and German Private, Copenhagen, Denmark
HMCS Iroquois Escorting Prinz Eugen