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Second World War (1939-1945)
The Navy in European Waters  - Naval Aviation: HMS Nabob and HMS Puncher

Although HMS Nabob and HMS Puncher were formally part of Britain's Royal Navy and operated from British bases, Canadians commanded and provided most of the crew for these two escort carriers. Severe damage from a German torpedo prematurely ended Nabob's career, but Puncher served until the end of the war.

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"Bucket Dobeying," HMS Puncher
"Bucket Dobeying," HMS Puncher

In this drawing by John Muir, who served in HMS Puncher, two sailors are "dobeying" (washing their clothing).

The most advanced form of clothes washing for Canadian sailors afloat was usually scrubbing them in a tub of suds. After rinsing, clothes would be hung or draped to dry over anything suitable, on the upper decks when the weather was fine and below decks when it was not. After serving as a telegraphist on several escort ships in the battle of the Atlantic, Muir ended the war in Puncher and subsequently attended the Ontario College of Art.

"Bucket Dobeying," HMS Puncher
Drawn by John Muir in 1945
Beaverbrook Collection of War Art
CWM 19900188-002

HMS Puncher at Scapa Flow
Flight Deck, HMS Puncher
Awaiting the Return of the Aircraft Squadron
Folded Plane and Elevator, HMS Puncher
Sports in Hangar, HMS Puncher
Drying Parachute, Puncher
"Bucket Dobeying," HMS Puncher
Engine Room Staff, HMS Puncher
Engine Room, Aircraft Carrier, His Majesty's Ship Puncher
Fairey Firefly Landing
"Back from Norway"
HMS Nabob
HMS Nabob Survivors
Medal Set, Dennis Thompson Forster, HMS Nabob