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The Gulf War

In 1990-1991, as the Cold War was ending, the navy played a central role in Canada's involvement in the United States-led international coalition that ousted Iraqi forces under Saddam Hussein from Kuwait.

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R.A.S. Complete Gulf War
R.A.S. Complete Gulf War

Ted Zuber's print shows the Canadian destroyer HMCS Terra Nova following a replenishment at sea (RAS) from the supply ship HMCS Protecteur.

Protecteur, designed and built to resupply Canadian warships, formed part of Canada's three-ship detachment in the Persian Gulf. As the only such replenishment vessel in the central Persian Gulf, it also resupplied ships from other countries taking part in the coalition that ultimately forced Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait. A mounting (right) holds Javelin surface-to-air missiles, part of Protecteur's defences that were upgraded for its Persian Gulf deployment.

R.A.S. Complete Gulf War
Print by Ted Zuber
Beaverbrook Collection of War Art
CWM 19920107-011

HMCS Terra Nova in Halifax Harbour
HMCS Terra Nova
Javelin Surface-to-Air Missile
Bofors 40mm Anti-Aircraft Gun
R.A.S. Complete Gulf War
HMCS Huron, 1990
Gulf and Kuwait Medal
Kuwait Liberation Medal