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Naval Traditions and Culture

Naval traditions and culture encompass a wide range of activities, events, and objects, often unique to naval service. Some, like the ?crossing the line? (meaning, the equator) ceremony, are old and well-established, while others, such as gun shield art, related directly to Second World War experiences. Many reflect companionship, commemoration, recreation, or esprit de corps.

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"Jellicoe" Toby Jug
"Jellicoe" Toby Jug

British Admiral Sir John Jellicoe, a prominent pre-war and wartime naval commander, is the subject of this First World War Toby jug.

The figure of Jellicoe, in full dress naval uniform and cocked hat, sits on a base marked with the Royal Navy's White Ensign. He holds a jug marked "Hell Fire Jack", a nickname arising from the improvements he made to gunnery during his time as director of naval ordnance. This jug is one of a series created by British political cartoonist Francis Carruthers Gould that caricatures Allied military leaders and politicians.

Toby Jug
CWM 19760495-005

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