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Cecil George Corke, Boy Sailor, HMCS Niobe
Cecil George Corke, Boy Sailor, HMCS Niobe

Corke was one of Canada's first – and youngest – naval recruits.

As well as serving in HMCS Niobe, Corke also ventured to London, England, with the 1911 Coronation Contingent, where Niobe crew members were included in the coronation celebrations for King George V. Boy sailors were often part of ships' crews in the early twentieth century, performing a variety of duties including carrying messages and serving in gun crews.

George Metcalf Archival Collection
CWM 19820190-039

Boys' Mess, HMCS Niobe
Sailors Sewing Flags, HMCS Niobe
Playing Chess Below Decks, HMCS Niobe
HMCS Niobe's Goat
HMCS Niobe Gun Crew and Gunnery Target
Cecil George Corke, Boy Sailor, HMCS Niobe
Dominion Day, Niobe Boys
At the dockside, HMCS Niobe, Halifax
"Stokers Band," HMCS Niobe
Ceremony on the Quarterdeck, HMCS Niobe
HMCS Rainbow Arriving at Esquimalt, British Columbia, 1910
HMCS Rainbow's Officers Greeting Dignitaries
HMS Shearwater and HMCS Rainbow at Esquimalt, 7 November 1910
Gun Practice aboard HMCS Rainbow
Mess Deck, HMCS Rainbow, around 1910
Walter Hose, Commander of HMCS Rainbow
HMCS Rainbow Sailors and Capstan
HMCS Rainbow "Cleared for Action"
HMCS Rainbow in Drydock, Esquimalt
Commander Walter Hose, HMCS Rainbow
Sailor Standing by HMCS Rainbow's Wheel
Sailor with Sennet Hat and Camera, HMCS Rainbow
HMS Algerine in Esquimalt, 1914
Canadian Submarine at Esquimalt