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HMCS Magnificent Transporting Army Vehicles
HMCS Magnificent Transporting Army Vehicles

This photograph shows the Canadian aircraft carrier HMCS Magnificent carrying Canadian army vehicles to a United Nations peacekeeping mission in Egypt.

Magnificent transported 240 vehicles, four aircraft, and 400 tons of equipment as part of Canada's contribution to the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF). Created in the wake of a 1956 French, British, and Israeli attack on Egypt, which was attempting to seize control of the Suez Canal, UNEF was the result of Canadian Lester B. Pearson's suggestion that an impartial multi-national force might allow the British and French to withdraw while also supervising a ceasefire between Egyptians and Israelis.

George Metcalf Archival Collection
CWM 19920085-1005

Fairey Firefly Aircraft and Plane Guard Destroyer, HMCS Warrior
Grumman Avenger aboard HMCS Magnificent
Grumman Tracker Launch, HMCS Bonaventure
Grumman Avenger Landing Aboard HMCS Warrior
Hawker Sea Fury Landing on HMCS Magnificent
Supermarine Seafire Crash, HMCS Warrior
Fairey Firefly Crash, HMCS Warrior
Landing on HMCS Bonaventure
Flight Deck and Island, HMCS Bonaventure
McDonnell Banshee, HMCS Bonaventure
Grumman Tracker, HMCS Shearwater
Bell HTL-4 Helicopter
Personnel Delivery by Helicopter
Life Raft and Emergency Supplies
Petty Officer, HMCS Magnificent
Canadian Sailors Board HMCS Bonaventure
HMCS Magnificent Transporting Army Vehicles
Canadian Forces Women's Uniform, 1968
HMCS Iroquois, Artist's Concept
HMCS Athabaskan
HMCS Bras d'Or
HMCS Ojibwa
HMCS Gatineau
HMCS Gatineau