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Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service Pennant, HMCS Stadacona
Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service Pennant, HMCS Stadacona

This souvenir pennant combines the crest of the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service (WRCNS) (left) and the name of Halifax's shore establishment, HMCS Stadacona (right).

The bird atop the anchor in the crest is a wren, a reference to the name given to members of the WRCNS - "wrens". HMCS Stadacona was the naval barracks, and was also responsible for aspects of administration and training. During the Second World War, members of the WRCNS stationed in Halifax - some 1,000 by 1944 - were accommodated at HMCS Stadacona.

CWM 19840011-002

Service Dress Uniform, Captain Charles Best
WRCNS Uniform, Captain Adelaide Sinclair
Presentation Cigarette Case, Captain Adelaide Sinclair
Uniform, Lieutenant-Commander Eleanor McCallum
WRCNS Summer Work Dress
HMCS St. Hyacinthe Sweatshirt
Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service Pennant, HMCS Stadacona
Uniform, Leading Wren Lorna Stanger
Sailor's Fur Vest
Royal Canadian Naval Volunteer Reserve Pillow Cover
Rear Admiral Leonard Warren Murray
White Ensign, HMCS Arrowhead
Duffle Coat
Service Dress and Cap, Leading Seaman John Doyle
Medal Set, Chief Petty Officer Max Bernays, HMCS Assiniboine
Memorial Cross, Chief Stoker Alexander McKinnon, HMCS St. Croix
U-570 Sailor's Cap
U-190 Pennant
Tropical Service Dress, German Merchant Navy
Prisoner of War Work Jacket
Winter Service Dress Jacket, Lieutenant Neville "Riv" Rivington
Summer Service Dress Uniform, Commander Lorenzo Lysons Atwood
Artist's Box, Commander Charles Anthony Law
Commander Charles Anthony Law Medal Set