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Royal Canadian Navy Rum
Royal Canadian Navy Rum

This bottle held rum specially distilled for the Royal Canadian Navy.

Rum, and the ceremonies and customs associated with it, hold a prominent place in naval traditions. The Royal Canadian Navy derived its practice of issuing a rum ration from Britain's Royal Navy, which had long issued a daily "tot" of "grog" (rum diluted with water) to its sailors. In Canadian service, the issue of the "tot" ended in 1972.

Rum Bottle
CWM 19830632-029

Robert N. McKinley Medal Set, HMCS Bonaventure
Deck Hook Bookends
Sailor's Uniform, mid-1960s
Royal Canadian Navy Parka and Trousers
Uniform, Captain Hans Arnsdorf
Uniform, Chief Petty Officer Eleanor Abra
Uniform, Commander William Kern
Uniform, Lieutenant Commander Edward Ross Murray
Gulf and Kuwait Medal
Kuwait Liberation Medal
HMCS Chicoutimi Ball Cap
HMCS Shawinigan's Gun Shield Art
Ship's Badge, HMCS Inch Arran
Royal Canadian Navy Rum
"Beatty" Toby Jug
"Jellicoe" Toby Jug
Jewellery Box
Bosun's Call