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Rifle, MK I* Lee-Enfield
Rifle, MK I* Lee-Enfield

An essential part of a navy's arsenal, rifles like this armed sentries and landing parties.

This 1907 rifle, ordered by Great Britain but also bearing Canadian markings, was most likely acquired by Canada during the 1910 handover of the Royal Navy dockyards at Halifax and Esquimalt to Canadian control. It is an example of the British equipment used by Canada's navy in its early years.

Rifle, MK I* Lee-Enfield
CWM 19390002-053

CGS Canada Model
Rifle, MK I* Lee-Enfield
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Colt Revolver
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.5-inch Vickers Mk III Heavy Machine-gun
Lee-Enfield Line-throwing Rifle
Jig-Saw Puzzle, "Canadian Warship Captures First Italian Prize"