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Taffrail Log
Taffrail Log

This device, named after the taffrail (the rail around the stern of a ship) measures the distance a vessel has travelled through the water.

The log worked by trailing a spinner (also called a "fish") in the water behind the ship. The ship's motion through the water caused the spinner to rotate, driving a mechanism that calculated how far the ship had travelled and indicated the results on a dial. Other versions of taffrail logs measured a ship's speed rather than the distance travelled.

Traffrail Log
CWM 19660074-009

4-inch Naval Gun and Mounting
"Pom-Pom" Anti-Aircraft Gun, HMCS Kamloops
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Taffrail Log
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Equipment Plates from U-190
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Twin 40mm Bofors Gun
Twin 3-Inch Naval Gun and Mount
Life Ring, HMCS Quebec
Homing Torpedo Mk 43 Mod 3
Practice Depth Charge
4.5-Inch Star Shell Packing Case
4-Inch Cartridge Casing, HMCS Iroquois