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Second World War (1939-1945)
The Navy in European Waters  - Mediterranean Operations

Canadian ships and naval personnel took part in operations in the Mediterranean Sea. These included convoy escort work, raids and amphibious landings in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and the south of France.

HMCS Ville de Québec Gets a Sub

War artist Harold Beament's painting depicts the destruction by the Canadian corvette HMCS Ville de Québec of German U-Boat (submarine) U-224 on 13 January 1943.

While helping to escort a convoy in the Mediterranean, Ville de Québec detected a submerged U-Boat on its ASDIC (sonar), and promptly delivered an attack with depth charges that drove U-224 to the surface. Ville de Québec's gunners opened fire on the submarine, and the corvette then rammed it, knocking the U-Boat's one survivor (centre) from the conning tower into the water. U-224 sank rapidly, and an underwater explosion a minute later marked its end.

HMCS Ville de Québec Gets a Sub
Painted by Harold Beament around 1945
Beaverbrook Collection of War Art
CWM 19710261-1031