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The Navy Today
Continuing Commitments

Beginning in the 1990s, long-standing efforts to renew the ships and equipment of Canada's navy began to produce results, with new vessels entering service. At the same time, the navy continued to fulfill national commitments to alliance operations and, following terrorist attacks on the United States on 11 September 2001, to "the war on terror".

Boarding Party Coming Aboard the Whitehorse

This painting is one of a series of watercolours by Doug Bradford depicting a boarding exercise at sea.

Boarding parties, transported by small, high-speed craft, board boats and ships of all sizes in order to inspect them, and to examine cargoes, check documents, and talk to crews. These activities are an integral part of the Canadian navy's ongoing presence in the Arabian Sea and adjoining waters, enforcing international sanctions and carrying out anti-piracy and anti-terrorism work.

Boarding Party Coming Aboard the Whitehorse
Painted by Doug Bradford in 2004
CWM 20070020-010