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The Canadian War Museum, your museum of military history, offers a wide range of learning opportunities that will fascinate students of all levels. Through historical artifacts, personal stories, artwork, photographs and interactive presentations, the Museum’s school programs help students discover Canada’s rich military history.

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Teacher Resources

The Canadian War Museum Web site is a gateway to a wealth of information, resources and activities such as:

Canada’s Naval History

A website rich in over 800 unique artifacts, photographs, art, posters, ships models, plans and audio-visuals telling the compelling story of Canada’s navy from its creation in 1910 to today.

Providing a wide range of resources for teachers and families, on-line lesson plans and primary material will be suitable for students of Canadian history in the 20th Century and those with an interest in art and photography.

Canada’s Naval History is an online exhibition created by the Canadian War Museum in collaboration with Canada Culture Online of Canadian heritage.

Canada and the First World War

A website, based on the Canadian War Museum’s vast collections, offers an authoritative and stimulating interpretation of the history of Canada and the First World War. Canada and the First World War offers access to over 700 interpreted artifacts, including photographs, art, letters, and diaries, as well as over 6,800 additional images. The unparalleled depth of Canadian subject matter includes a comprehensive range of topics and lesson plans, primary resource packs, book lists, and recommended links.

Canada and the First World War is an online exhibition created by the Canadian War Museum in collaboration with Canada Culture Online of Canadian Heritage.

Democracy at War

This module enables senior students to search a digitized collection of 144,000 newspaper clippings describing events of the Second World War as they happened. Fifty-five short historical articles introduce the main facts, as well as some of the conclusions resulting from historical research and analysis undertaken since the Second World War. Democracy at War is an unparalleled online resource for research projects and units of study.

Over the Top

This Web module enables intermediate students to experience life in the trenches during the First World War. Part history and part adventure story, Over the Top allows players to determine the outcome of the story by making decisions at key moments. This educational resource includes follow-up activities, maps, films and document references.

Armoured Warrior

In this Web module, senior students become the Canadian commanders of Sherman tanks in Northwestern Europe during the Second World War. As they live through some of the excitement, despair, brutality and sheer horror of one day’s fighting at the front, they discover that the choices they make determine the outcome of the adventure. Armoured Warrior includes archival images, questions for discussion and historical notes.

Gallery Activity Sheets

Gallery 1 – Wars on Our Soil, earliest times to 1885
Gallery 2 – The South African and First World War 1885-1931
Gallery 3 – The Second World War 1931-1945
Gallery 4 – The Cold War, Peacekeeping and Recent Conflicts, 1945 to the present

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