Commemorating the End of the Second World War

October 13, 2020

Members of military on background of clouds

The second World War was unprecedented in scale, and for many Canadians, it was also a personal experience.  In the story-driven exhibition, Forever Changed – Stories from the Second World War, the Canadian War Museum explores the human side of war through the lives of Canadians, both in battle and on the home front.

Opening in December 2020, this landmark exhibition marks the 75th anniversary of the war’s end in Europe, while bringing to light the impact of this conflict on the lives of Canadians.  Forever Changed weaves together a diverse range of stories with nearly 200 compelling artifacts, exploring the human experience of war across Canada and around the world.

Thanks to the support from our donors, the Museum has created thought-provoking look at how the war was documented at the time, how it is remembered today, and how Canada was for ever changed.