Victoria Cross Reproduction


The medal was instituted on 05 February 1856 with awards retroactive to 1854. The first award to a Canadian was in February 1857, to Lt. Alexander DUNN (Charge of the Light Brigade).

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On the original version, a cross pattee, 1.375 inches wide, with a dark brown finish. Made from cannons captured from the Russians during the Crimean War. For mounting, a straight bar, ornamented with laurels, slotted for the ribbon, has a V-lug below. A small link joins the V-lug to a semi-circular lug on the top of the cross. The obverse displays the Royal Crown surmounted by a lion guardant. Below the crown, a scroll bearing the inscription: FOR VALOUR. The reverse contains Raised edges with the date of the act engraved within a raised circle. The crimson ribbon is 1.5 inches wide and a miniature cross is worn on the ribbon in undress.

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