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The Second World War
The Merchant Navy  - SS Stanley Park: Merchant Ship

David McMillan's photographs capture wartime and early postwar merchant navy scenes and experiences, mainly aboard the Canadian merchant ship SS Stanley Park. Completed in mid-1943, the Stanley Park was one of around 400 merchant ships built as part of Canada's war effort; postwar, it served with a number of foreign owners until its 1969 scrapping in Italy.

David McMillan's Merchant Navy Uniform

This uniform belonged to David McMillan, one of the radio officers aboard SS Stanley Park.

Although a postwar example made in 1948, it is similar to wartime uniforms. In addition to the rank insignia on the sleeves, it also bears the ribbons for two medals, the 1939-1945 Star and the War Medal. During the war, such uniforms would generally have been worn for going ashore, or on special occasions while afloat. Other types of uniforms and even more casual clothing were usually worn while at sea.

Service Dress Uniform, David McMillan

Service Dress Jacket, CWM 19860141-002
Service Dress Trousers, CWM 19860141-003