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This section brings together the approximately 700 objects and photographs used in Canada's Naval History. Use this section to directly access objects and photographs grouped by type, as shown below, or use the search function above to search through them by title.

HMCS Laurentian and Margaret

The navy acquired these ships during the First World War to combat the threat of German U-Boat attacks.

Starved for funds since its creation in 1910, the RCN was forced to expand rapidly and haphazardly using ships like these. When U-Boats raided along the east coast of Canada in the summer of 1918, sinking civilian vessels, the navy was blamed for failing to protect the nation. The ships are, left to right, top to bottom, a drifter; the trawler HMCS Laurentian, and HMCS Margaret.

George Metcalf Archival Collection
CWM 19750148-059