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British Ships in Halifax, 1901
British Ships in Halifax, 1901

The Royal Yacht HMS Ophir (left) and British warships (right) float in Halifax Harbour during a 1901 royal visit.

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York, later King George V and Queen Mary, visited Canada as part of their tour of the British Empire. Royal Navy (RN) warships like those seen on the right accompanied the liner Ophir, which had been chartered for use as a royal yacht. Halifax had long been an important British naval base but, in 1905, the RN moved its North American headquarters to Bermuda. The Canadian government subsequently assumed responsibility for the Halifax dockyard, and transferred it to the Canadian navy in 1910.

George Metcalf Archival Collection
CWM 20070061-032

British Ships in Halifax, 1901
American Cruiser USS Olympia
HMS New Zealand (right) and HMAS Australia (left)
HMCS Niobe, Stern View
HMCS Rainbow arrives at Esquimalt, British Columbia
Rear-Admiral Sir Charles E. Kingsmill
Arrival Ceremony, HMCS Rainbow, Esquimalt, British Columbia
First Naval Recruits, HMCS Niobe
Royal Naval College of Canada, Class Photo, 1911
Royal Naval College of Canada, Machine Shop
Cartoon, HMCS Niobe Coronation Contingent, 1911
Sailors Marching, Esquimalt
HMCS Niobe at Anchor
Boxing Match, HMCS Niobe
Visitors Exploring HMCS Niobe
Coaling the Ship, HMCS Niobe
Gun Practice, HMCS Niobe
Gun Deck, HMCS Niobe
"Seeing the World in Comfort," HMCS Niobe
HMCS Niobe in Drydock, around 1911
Diver Going over the Side
View of "Victory" Boat alongside HMCS Niobe
Rope-work, HMCS Niobe
Two Stokers, HMCS Niobe