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HMCS Vancouver
HMCS Vancouver

HMCS Vancouver, seen here, and sister ship HMCS Champlain were British "S" class destroyers transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) in 1928.

Replacements for the aging HMCS Patriot and HMCS Patrician, Vancouver and Champlain were the first British ships to be given Canadian names when commissioned into the RCN. On the west coast, Vancouver continued Patrician's role as a training ship for small nucleus crews of RCN and Volunteer Reserve personnel on local patrols and summer cruises. Along with HMCS Skeena, Vancouver was involved in efforts to protect British interests during a 1932 agrarian uprising in El Salvador.

George Metcalf Archival Collection
CWM 19710214-012

Cadet Robert Brett, 1917
Captain Edward H. Martin
Llewellyn and Joseph Lush, 1914, Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve
Ship Building, J. Coughlan & Sons Shipyard, Vancouver
Merchant Ships under Construction, J. Coughlan & Sons Shipyard, Vancouver
Launching of the SS War Camp, J. Coughlan & Sons Shipyard, Vancouver
SS War Camp at Sea
Shift Change at J. Coughlan & Sons Shipyard, Vancouver
Submarines at Canadian Vickers Shipyard, Montreal
HMCS Aurora
Admiral Jellicoe's Visit to Canada, 1919
HMCS Patriot, around 1922
Canadian Submarines CH-14 and CH-15
Royal Naval College of Canada, Esquimalt, 1920-1921
HMS Raleigh Aground, 1922
Battle-Class Trawler HMCS Ypres
RCNVR Quebec Hockey Team
Field Gun Competition, Canadian National Exhibition, Toronto, 1924
HMCS Vancouver
F.L. Houghton aboard HMCS Vancouver
Canadian Sailors and Sugar
Leonard W. Murray at the Royal Canadian Navy Barracks, Halifax
Lieutenant Governor Tory Taking the Salute
Royal Canadian Navy Barracks, Halifax