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The Sinking of the SS Winnipeg II
The Sinking of the SS Winnipeg II

On 22 October 1942, German submarine U-443 torpedoed the Canadian Pacific Steamship Lines general cargo and passenger vessel Winnipeg II.

These photographs are from the album of Stanley Hardy, a sailor aboard the corvette HMCS Morden, which rescued over 190 passengers and crew from the torpedoed merchant ship Winnipeg II. The images depict the ship's sinking and the subsequent rescue operation that saved everyone on board.

George Metcalf Archival Collection
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The Sinking of the SS Winnipeg II
Torpedo Damage to HMCS Chebogue
HMCS Trillium Crowded with Survivors
Depth Charge Explosion
U-744 Being Boarded
Survivors from U-569
"Squid Explosion", HMCS Copper Cliff
"Mae West" Life Belts, HMCS St. Laurent
U-210, Seen from HMCS Assiniboine
Fire-fighting, HMCS Assiniboine
Ramming U-210
U-210 Survivors
Burial at Sea, HMCS Assiniboine
HMCS Assiniboine Arriving at St. John's
Damage to HMCS Assiniboine
Ramming damage to HMCS Assiniboine
HMCS St. Croix
HMCS St. Croix in Halifax Harbour, December 1940
Lieutenant Charles Alexander Ross, HMCS St Croix
"Our Bicycle Trip"
"Canadian Destroyer Sunk", HMCS St. Croix
Surgeon Lieutenant William Lyon Mackenzie King, HMCS St. Croix
Mona Ross, Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service