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Medal Set, Air Vice Marshal Raymond Collishaw
Medal Set, Air Vice Marshal Raymond Collishaw

Canadian Raymond Collishaw, the highest scoring ace in the Royal Naval Air Service, ended the war officially credited with 60 victories against enemy aircraft.

Joining the Royal Naval Air Service in 1915, Collishaw gained a reputation for relentlessly engaging the enemy, even when he was outnumbered. In mid-1917, he commanded a flight of Sopwith Triplanes, all with Canadian pilots, known as the "Black Flight" for the planes' all-black paint schemes. This large medal set reflects Collishaw's First World War service (top row) including his Distinguished Service Order and Bar (top row, left), Distinguished Service Cross (top row, third from left), and Distinguished Flying Cross (top row, fourth from left), all awarded for skill and leadership in combat. Collishaw's medals also indicate his extensive interwar and Second World War service with the Royal Air Force.

Medal Set, Air Vice Marshal Raymond Collishaw
Tilston Memorial Collection of Canadian Military Medals
CWM 19770669-046

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Medal Set, Air Vice Marshal Raymond Collishaw
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