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Service Dress Uniform, Captain Charles Best
Service Dress Uniform, Captain Charles Best

Charles Best, well-known for his involvement in the discovery of insulin, headed the Royal Canadian Navy's medical research unit from 1942 onwards.

The four stripes on the cuffs of Best's uniform jacket show his rank of captain, and the scarlet between the stripes indicate service in the medical branch. In 1939, Best began work on blood transfusion, in particular the production of dried human blood serum for the military. Made director of the navy's medical research unit in 1942, Best directed research into seasickness, night vision, and other medical issues that affected naval personnel.

Uniform, Service Dress, Captain Charles Best

Cap, CWM 19880147-001
Jacket, CWM 19880147-010
Trousers, CWM 19880147-011

Service Dress Uniform, Captain Charles Best
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