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1 1/4 - Pounder Naval Gun
1 1/4 - Pounder Naval Gun

This is one of four guns that were the principal armament of the Canadian Fisheries Protection Service vessel CGS (Canadian Government Ship) Canada

As part of the Fisheries Protection Service, Canada patrolled the east coast against American civilian ships fishing illegally in Canadian waters. This did not require heavy armament, and so Canada received four of these relatively light automatic weapons. Essentially scaled-up machine-guns, they were often called "pom-poms" because of the noise they made when firing.

Naval Gun, 1 1/4 - Pounder, Automatic
CWM 19440021-001

Bell, CGS Canada
1 1/4 - Pounder Naval Gun
Oil Lamp, HMCS Niobe
Ship's Wheel, HMCS Rainbow
14-inch Mark IX Torpedo
British 18-inch Torpedo
U-Boat Deck Gun
Periscope Lens, U-117
U-Boat Signalling Lamp
Cut-Away German U-Boat Mine
German Naval Mine, U-153
Life Ring, SS Brussels
Life Ring, UC-77
Porthole, RMS Lusitania
Depth Charge, "Type G"
Torpedo Gyroscope
British Naval Mine
Flying Helmet, Royal Naval Air Service
Propeller Fragments, Flight Lieutenant Harry Wambolt
Fragment of the SS Mont Blanc
Anchor Light, HMCS Patriot
Torpedo Depth and Roll Recorder
Enigma Machine
U-877 Life Raft