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Fragment of the SS Mont Blanc
Fragment of the SS Mont Blanc

This torn and twisted piece of metal from the French freighter SS Mont Blanc testifies to the force of the Halifax Explosion.

In the early morning of 6 December 1917, two ships, the SS Mont Blanc and the SS Imo, collided in Halifax harbour. The Mont Blanc, carrying explosives, caught fire and exploded a little after 9:00 AM, creating the largest human-made explosion to that date. The North End of Halifax was levelled, and throughout the city 1,600 people were killed and 9,000 more injured. Many were blinded by flying glass from shattered windows.

Ship Fragment
CWM 19390002-129

Bell, CGS Canada
1 1/4 - Pounder Naval Gun
Oil Lamp, HMCS Niobe
Ship's Wheel, HMCS Rainbow
14-inch Mark IX Torpedo
British 18-inch Torpedo
U-Boat Deck Gun
Periscope Lens, U-117
U-Boat Signalling Lamp
Cut-Away German U-Boat Mine
German Naval Mine, U-153
Life Ring, SS Brussels
Life Ring, UC-77
Porthole, RMS Lusitania
Depth Charge, "Type G"
Torpedo Gyroscope
British Naval Mine
Flying Helmet, Royal Naval Air Service
Propeller Fragments, Flight Lieutenant Harry Wambolt
Fragment of the SS Mont Blanc
Anchor Light, HMCS Patriot
Torpedo Depth and Roll Recorder
Enigma Machine
U-877 Life Raft