The Italian landscape dazzled him, and many of his lyrical sketches pay homage to this civilized land torn apart by conflict.

Frosinone, Italy CWM/MCG 12285 Passo di Fratemorto CWM/MCG 12344
Frosinone, Italy Passo di Fratemorto

La Roca Crest, from Ferrazzano, Italy CWM/MCG 12309

La Roca Crest, from Ferrazzano, Italy

Because Comfort was always striving for accuracy in depicting the men and machinery of war, frustration sometimes emerged. Then, his brush exploded over the paper as a series of paintings all titled Battle Scene (Fantasy). These works convey the artist's awareness of the fragility of human life in wartime and his anger at the senseless destruction he witnessed.

Battle Scene (Fantasy) CWM/MCG 12233 Battle Scene (Fantasy) CWM/MCG 12232

Battle Scene (Fantasy)

Berardi Road CWM/MCG 12232

Berardi Road

Comfort could be inspired by a particularly stirring scene, as his painting Spitfires Flying Low over Raviscanina shows. In this watercolour the felled tree trunk acts as a counterpoint to the pair of speeding aircraft above. The landscape is forced into the background in the face of the urgency of war.


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