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The Navy: A Century in Art
A Canadian Navy

Canada's navy is an important national institution. It is an influential presence in many Canadian communities and is a historic and influential symbol of nationhood. For many Canadians, the navy is a focus of passion, pride, and service.

Halifax HarbourPainted by Donald C. Mackay in 1944
Halifax Harbour
Painted by Donald C. Mackay in 1944

During the Second World War, naval activity made Halifax one of the world's busiest ports.

This work, by war artist Donald C. Mackay, reveals much of the trans-continental network that kept convoys flowing across the north Atlantic. A military truck sits alongside a crowded railway siding where flatbed cars carry tanks to the dockside. Warehouses and industrial buildings store goods and equipment before derricks, visible at several points, load ships bound for Europe.

Beaverbrook Collection of War Art
CWM 19710261-4225

Halifax Harbour Painted by Donald C. Mackay in 1944
St. John's from Signal Hill Painted by Harold Beament in 1945
The Naval Base at Gaspé Painted by Thomas (Tom) Wood in 1945
Rainbow in Esquimalt Painted by Barbara Greene in 1971
Xmas in the Dockyard Painted by Frank Harley around 1965
Dormitory Painted by Pegi Nicol MacLeod in 1945
Seamen on Jetty Being Instructed on Bends and Hitches Painted by Rowley Murphy in 1943
Tattooing Painted by Donald C. Mackay around 1943
Navy Police and Sentry in Dockyard, HalifaxDrawn by Jack Nichols in 1944
Barrington Street Patrol, Halifax Painted by Thomas (Tom) Wood in 1945
Minesweeper at Dockside, Toronto Shipbuilding Yards Painted by Charles Goldhamer in 1942
Frigate and Park Ship in Drydock, Saint John, New Brunswick Painted by Thomas (Tom) Wood in 1945
Lifting Anti-submarine Nets, Halifax Harbour Painted by Thomas (Tom) Wood in 1945
S.S. Sardinian (Allan Line) Painted by John Everett in 1918