Overseas (to the end of June 1946)

Free writing paper and envelopes165,000,000
Books and magazines distributed1,450,000
Hot beverages from mobile canteens35,000,000
Meals served at huts, clubs31,250,000
Cups of tea served at huts, clubs25,000,000
Attendance at movies22,500,000
Attendance at concerts, entertainments23,750,000
Attendance at sporting events5,625,000
Personal assistance requests3,650,000

In Canada (to the end of June 1946)

Free writing paper and envelopes106,500,000
Newspapers and magazines distributed3,200,000
Hot beverages from mobile canteens3,100,000
Attendance at movies and concerts22,600,000
Articles of clothing pressed600,000
Military personnel served in canteens96,000,000
Military personnel using hut facilities153,000,000
Military personnel using hostel services14,700,000
Meals supplied in hostels4,300,000