A Lasting Legacy

November 20, 2023
General Manson and Mrs. Manson

General (Ret’d) Paul Manson, O.C., C.M.M., C.D. and Mrs. Margaret Manson – CMH IMG2019-0444-0009-Dm

One of the great joys I have working at the Museum is the opportunity to meet such interesting and generous individuals — people who care about the value of museums and the importance of our shared past. The joy I felt was met with sadness in July when I learned about the passing of General Paul David Manson. Indeed, General Manson’s passing was felt by so many of us at the Museum. He was an extraordinary individual, whose unwavering dedication and exemplary service to his country left an indelible mark on Canada and on all who had the pleasure of knowing him.

General Manson was a staunch supporter of the Canadian War Museum and was instrumental in establishing the new building on LeBreton Flats in 2005. He chaired the Passing the Torch Campaign, which raised more than $16 million towards the construction of the Canadian War Museum. As a member of the Board of Trustees of the Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation, he also chaired the Board’s Canadian War Museum Committee and the Canadian War Museum Building Committee. General Manson continued to support many War Museum initiatives and projects throughout the years such as Supply Line, In Their Own Voices and the War Museum’s archival collection. He was a frequent visitor for both formal events and informal strolls through the galleries that he had been so instrumental in creating.

General Manson will forever be remembered as a selfless leader and a man of unwavering honour. His tireless efforts to provide support, resources and opportunities for veterans have left a lasting legacy that will continue to benefit generations to come.

Sylvie Madely
Development and Membership