Endowment Helps Fund Canadian History Hall

April 8, 2016
Dr. Kanta Marwah with Mark O’Neill

Dr. Kanta Marwah with Mark O’Neill

Name: Dr. Kanta Marwah
Home: Ottawa, ON
Occupation: Professor Emeritus (Economics), Carleton University
Donation: Endowment
Member since: 1999

Economist Dr. Kanta Marwah spreads her support over many different areas, giving to hospitals, universities — and, most notably, the arts. “All my life I’ve been a scholar, pursued intellectual subjects. My family are all scientists and engineers,” she explains. “But the arts bring beauty to our lives.”

When Dr. Marwah arrived in Ottawa 40 years ago, the distinguished research and economics professor sought out the museums. “I walk to the Canadian Museum of History almost every week. There’s always something new to see.” She particularly enjoys the inspiring Grand Hall. The Carleton University professor brings her out-of-town guests, but also feels the Museum is crucial for the whole community.

A deep interest in and passion for history led her to becoming first a Member, and then an active Museum donor. In September 2015, she made a major gift to the Museum, establishing the Dr. Kanta Marwah Endowment Fund in support of the Canadian History Hall. Funds generated from her gift will allow students and other visitors to deepen their understanding of the people, places and events that have shaped Canada.

“All the Museum’s exhibitions are very important. They help Canadians put themselves in a global context,” she says. “Every exhibition can teach us something.” Dr. Marwah is particularly excited about the possibilities of the upcoming Canadian History Hall.

Dr. Marwah feels that being part of a community means giving back. “Just close your eyes and write the cheque,” she says by way of encouragement to others. “You can’t go wrong. You can start small,” she laughs. “It feels good to give.”