Making Sense of the World We Live In

July 11, 2022
Image of Sylvie Madely

Sylvie Madely, Vice-President, Development and Memberships
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Trustworthy information is hard to come by these days, but the public is hungry for it. People are also hungry to reflect on what it means to live through such tumultuous times. We have seen so much chaos and suffering, from climate disasters and a global pandemic, to political and social unrest — and now, war in Ukraine.

We need each other now more than ever. We need to make sense of the turmoil in our world and what it means for our lives and those of our children. We also need to feel empowered and prepared to separate fact from fiction, and to combat the disinformation that is polluting the media landscape in the form of polarized speech, conspiracy theories, and “fake news.”

That is why museums are more relevant now than ever. By shining a light on past events and tragedies, their exhibitions and programs give us priceless lessons about the present — and what the future may hold for us. Museums are a trusted source of information and a safe public forum for airing and discussing contemporary concerns. They serve as a reliable source of intelligence that will always be there for you, even in dark and difficult times.

With your support, the Canadian Museum of History and Canadian War Museum mount exciting programs, tours and activities; host online and in-person conversations with special guests; and produce exhibitions and educational modules that reveal the truth and stimulate critical thinking, which helps broaden our understanding of the world and open our hearts and minds.

The History and War Museums help people — especially young people —grapple with the challenges of a complex world. They expose the gap between Canada’s multicultural ideal and racial injustice. They amplify Black and Indigenous voices that too often go unheard in our communities. They educate on, provide credible insight into, and debunk myths around today’s biggest issues. And they tell stories that provide comfort, connection, hope, inspiration and courage, at a time when those essential elements of our lives are often scarce.

Your donations make all of this possible. Thank you for believing in the work we do and continuing this journey with us. We look forward to better times ahead.

Sylvie Madely, Vice-President, Development & Membership