Building history one gift at a time

August 25, 2017

Canadian Museum of History, Institutional archives

You could say the Pomerleau family has construction in its blood. More than 50 years ago, Hervé Pomerleau started out with five employees in Beauce, Quebec; now, the company’s employees can drive by thousands of office buildings and stadiums, hospitals and bridges, and say, “We built that.” But no project, perhaps, is as iconic as the Canadian Museum of History’s new signature exhibition, the Canadian History Hall.

It is fitting that the Canadian company not only built the physical space but contributed to its content through a generous donation of $100,000. Mark O’Neill, the Museum’s President and CEO, says: “The donation is especially meaningful because Pomerleau is intimately aware of the project’s purpose. We see this as a wonderful affirmation of the Hall’s value and significance.”

Pomerleau helped fulfill the vision of renowned architect Douglas Cardinal, whose creative talent can be seen in the graceful lines of the Museum, as well as the new Hall. Visitors will experience Canada’s history as told through the diverse experiences and perspectives of the people who lived it. The exhibition highlights the enduring legacy of Canada’s past — a legacy that is alive, relevant and continually unfolding.

“We are honoured to partner with the Canadian Museum of History on this important national icon,” said Francis Pomerleau, the company’s President of Canadian Building Operations. “The Hall will be a wonderful gift to our nation for decades to come.”