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History of World War 2 Battles
  - The Invasion of Poland, 1939
  - The Battle of the Atlantic
  - The German Invasion of Western Europe
  - The Battle of Britain
  - The Invasion of the Balkans
  - The Bomber Offensive
  - North African Campaigns
  - War in China, 1937-1945
  - Hong Kong, December 1941
  - Dieppe Raid, 1942
  - The Aleutian Campaign
  - The Burma Campaigns, 1941-1945
  - The Sicilian and Italian Campaigns, 1943-1945
  - The North West Europe Campaign, 1944-1945
  - D-Day and the Normandy Campaign
  - The Liberation of the Netherlands
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World War 2 Battles and Military Operations

The Invasion of Poland, 1939

This was the beginning of the Second World War. Adolf Hitler wanted to get back the German territories lost to Poland following the First World War. He secured the friendship of Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union, Poland's eastern neighbour, with an agreement that neither of them would attack the other: the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact of August 1939. Then Hitler pounced. He sent his troops into Poland on September 1, 1939. Two days later, France and Britain, having guaranteed Poland's borders, declared war on Germany. On September 10, Canada went to war against Germany.

The Luftwaffe largely destroyed the Polish air force on the first day of the attack, and Germany's armies captured much of the Polish army. Warsaw, the Polish capital, was encircled by September 17 and surrendered ten days later after heavy bombing raids. Meanwhile, the Soviet Red Army advanced into eastern Poland. Nearly a million Poles were captured by the Germans and Russians and many died before they could see freedom again.

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