Canadian Wartime Propaganda

Second World War Propaganda Poster

Attack on All Fronts, CWM 19730004-030

Attack on All Fronts

This award-winning poster by freelance illustrator Hubert Rogers depicts a soldier with a machine gun, an industrial worker with a rivet gun, and a woman with a hoe. The Wartime Information Board, established in 1942 to better coordinate propaganda in Canada's fast-growing war effort, probably guided Rogers in advance to create a balanced composition.

By 1943, the growing size of the armed forces threatened to deplete human resources in essential industries such as agriculture and industry, leading to vigorous recruitment drives in each sector. Equating female agricultural workers and riveters with soldiers was an attempt to persuade would-be enlistees that home front work was just as valuable as soldiering.

Designed by Hubert Rogers
Printer unknown
Published by the Wartime Information Board
Commercial colour print, 1943 Canada
CWM 19730004-030

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