Canadian Wartime Propaganda

First World War

Design approaches in Canada during the First World War were often heavily word based, using simple, descriptive images to convey their messages. Whether sentimental reminders of the need to support "the boys" at the front, or jingoistic, viciously drawn attacks on "the Hun" (Germans), the occasional wordiness of such posters, as well as their period imagery, can nevertheless require some decoding in order to be understood by today's reader. Historical references, or allusions to then-current political or military events, would have been very clear to contemporary readers.

Propaganda Posters

If You Cannot Give a Life You Can Save a Life by Helping the Canadian Red Cross, CWM 19900076-809 Canada and the Call, CWM 19940018-001 Canadians, Follow Dollard des Ormeaux's example, CWM 19920142-002 If You Cannot Join Him, You Should Help Her, CWM 19890086-530 Soldiers of the Soil, Boys to the Front, CWM 19900076-819 For Industrial Expansion, Buy Victory Bonds, CWM 19720121-132 Victory Bonds will help stop this, Kultur vs Humanity, CWM 19890086-534 Buy Your Victory Bonds,  CWM 20010129-0729

Wartime Photos

Scouts at War, PA-042857 Election Time, PA-008158 Shame on You!, PA-071302 A Bridge to Peace, PA-025138
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