Canadian Wartime Propaganda

Second World War

Early Canadian Second World War propaganda, produced largely under the auspices of the Bureau of Public Information, was informative, word- rather than image-driven, and often relied on humour to relay its messages. Later, wartime demands led to a change of tactics. More aggressive, design-driven, and often sombre propaganda campaigns focused on building unity, harnessing collective energy, and demonstrating the evils of fascism. They also celebrated Canadian achievements in combat, and inspired people with the promise of a better postwar world.

Propaganda Posters

If You Don't Need It... Don't Buy It, CWM 19700186-048 Save Waste Bones -They Make Glue For Aircraft .. And Are Used For Explosives..., CWM 19920196-001 Get Your Teeth Into the Job, CWM 19790385-109 Careless Talk Brings Tragedy in Wartime, CWM 19750317-091 I Was a Victim of Careless Talk, CWM 19920196-140 Attack on All Fronts, CWM 19730004-030 Be Ready, The Army Must Finish the Job!, CWM 19750317-041 Canada Carries On Presents Coal Face, CWM 19800196-001 “Canada Carries On” Presents Future for Fighters, CWM 20010129-0543 Give, The Canadian Red Cross, CWM 19720114-023 Don't Depend on Hara-Kiri, Let's Finish the Job, CWM 19700186-122 Invest and Protect. Help Finish the Job, CWM 19750317-099 The Spirit of Canada's Women, CWM 19750251-008

Wartime Photos

“Measured” Contributions, e000760440 Harry Mayerovitch & John Grierson,  National Film Board Celebrity Endorsements, C-029451 Victory Loan Campaigns, e000762475 Canadian Contributions, PA-111594 Workplace Propaganda, e000760237 Recruiting Women, Manitoba Archives, Canadian Army Photograph Collection #162
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