Canadian Wartime Propaganda

First World War Propaganda Poster

Canada and the Call, CWM 19940018-001

Canada and the Call

National propaganda plays on a nation's self-image and historic iconography in order to encourage patriotism and sacrifice. Symbolic figures, including Marianne for France and Uncle Sam for the United States, encapsulate a country's sense of identity and shared values. This very early First World War poster depicts Canada as a woman adorned with patriotic symbols. She stands between marching soldiers and a farmer holding a plough, while in the background at the upper right ships carry troops and supplies to Britain's aid.

Because there was no centralized poster production at the beginning of the war, military units and private organizations, such as the Royal Canadian Academy, designed and produced their own. J.E.H. MacDonald, a future member of the Group of Seven, but then a graphic designer with Grip Ltd. in Toronto, did this one.

Designed by J.E.H. MacDonald
Printer unknown
Published by the Royal Canadian Academy
Commercial colour print, 1914 Canada
CWM 19940018-001

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