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Canada and the 
First World War
The First World War
The Canadian Expeditionary Force
Vimy Ridge
Recruitment and Conscription
The Canadian Corps: Spearhead to Victory
Canadians on other Fronts
Canada and the Air War
Canada and the War at Sea
The Aftermath
Canada between the Wars
Canada in World Affairs



Canada evolved from a subordinate member of the British Empire to an independent country closely allied to Britain.

Canada avoided overseas military commitments, either to Britain or the League of Nations, the predecessor of today’s United Nations. In 1931, Britain passed the Statute of Westminster, giving Canada the legal status of an independent country. Still, Canada remained a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations and British foreign policy continued to influence Ottawa.

By the mid-1930s, the government began slowly to modernize and re-equip the armed forces. The defence of Canada’s seacoasts was its top priority, but the government allowed that Canadian forces might be available to assist Britain in the event of a major war.

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