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Second World War
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Exhibition Theme - Battle

Light coastal forces blow up an enemy merchantman

Richard Eurich (1903-1992)
Light coastal forces blow up an enemy merchantman, Richard Eurich, Canadian War Museum, 19710261-6082

In a 2003 catalogue accompanying an exhibition of Eurich's visionary works of art, Peyton Skipwith noted that the artist "did not witness in person the great events [of war] which he recorded so passionately and dramatically, but with his knowledge of the 'structure' of the sea, combined with sketches made whilst travelling along the Franco-Belgian coast, eye-witness accounts and photographs, he was able, quickly and masterfully, to interpret these scenes not only as great art, but in a manner that convinced those who had participated in their absolute veracity." The British War Artists Advisory Committee gave this painting to Canada after the war.

Oil on canvas 76 x 101.3 cm
Painted in 1943
Beaverbrook Collection of War Art
Canadian War Museum 19710261-6082

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