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Second World War
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War Art Collection from Australian War memorial Australia
The Australian official war art program commissioned 35 artists, of whom three were women. At first relatively conservative artists were chosen. However, towards the end of the war more modernist artists were being appointed. Soldier artists - including some prisoners of war - and civilians were among these. They covered all services and the struggle on the home front.
War Art Collection from Imperial War Museum Britain
The British program hired most of the important British artists of the day. Their works combine traditional approaches to painting with the artists' own interpretations and experiences of the complex, diverse, and technologically-driven conflict. Their paintings reveal an underlying support for the war and are rarely confrontational, critical, or violent.
War Art Collection from Canadian War Museum Canada
Canada hired 32 official war artists. It also awarded independent commissions, in particular to women artists. The resulting artworks were intended to form a comprehensive documentary record, respectful both of history and art, and accurate in all details. Official instructions required each artist to produce paintings in specific quantities and sizes.
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