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Second World War
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The Australian official war art program commissioned 35 artists, of whom three were women. At first relatively conservative artists were chosen. However, towards the end of the war more modernist artists were being appointed. Soldier artists - including some prisoners of war - and civilians were among these. They covered all services and the struggle on the home front.

The fairground, Sydney 1944, Herbert Badham, ART28490 Tocumwal - loading the train, Yosl Bergner, ART92132 Bomber crew, Stella Bowen, ART26265 Flight from reason, Stella Bowen, ART91654 Moresby picture show, Charles Bush, ART26770 Ballet of wind and rain, Colin Colahan, ART25701 Paris liberated, Colin Colahan, ART25705 Waterloo Station, Colin Colahan, ART25699 No 1 projectile shop, (Commonwealth Ordnance Factory, Maribyrnong), Sybil Craig, ART22141 Greece, Lyndon Dadswell, ART40925 The billy boy, William Dobell, ART30245 Soldier, Russell Drysdale, ART92623 Telephone exchange, Harold Freedman, ART26776 Crowds dancing, Kings Cross, Sydney, Donald Friend, ART23203 Desolate plantations, Balikpapan, Donald Friend, ART22894 Japanese dead from suicide raid, Labuan, Donald Friend, ART22857 HMAS Perth fights to the last, 28th February, 1942, Murray Griffin, ART24483 Roberts Hospital, Changi, Griffin Murray ART24491 Working in the snow, Australian Forestry Unit, Scotland, Sheila Hawkins, ART26918 Battlefield burial of three NCOs, Ivor Hele, ART22560 Central Square, Tobruk, Ivor Hele, ART22865 2/10th Australian Commando Squadron: wash and clean up, Ivor Hele, ART26875 Troops in back of truck, Libya, Ivor Hele, ART28479 Back home, Sali Herman, ART22893 Natives carrying wounded, Sali Herman, ART22885 Transport driver (Aircraftwoman Florence Miles), Nora Heysen, ART24393 Bomber crash, Frank Hinder, ART26924 Yes Sir, Ludwig Hirschfeld Mack, ART28158 The sleeping soldier, Francis Lymburner, ART28102 Sections of buoyancy tank and floating caissons, Sydney graving dock, Herbert McClintock, ART30254 Blind man in Belsen, Alan Moore, ART27620 Dream of the latrine sitter, Sidney Nolan, ART916455 Flag in the room, Smith Grace Cossington ART90721 Smoko time with the AWLA, Grace Taylor, ART29758 Wrecked Lodestar, Thake Ericn ART26790 Fatigue, Walker Ralph ART40996


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