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Second World War
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Canada hired 32 official war artists. It also awarded independent commissions, in particular to women artists. The resulting artworks were intended to form a comprehensive documentary record, respectful both of history and art, and accurate in all details. Official instructions required each artist to produce paintings in specific quantities and sizes.

Ordnance depot, Harold Beament, 19710261-1041 Private Roy,  Canadian Women's Army Corps, Molly Lamb Bobak, 19710261-1626 Wedding reception at the Kit Kat Club, Apeldoorn, Holland, Molly Lamb Bobak, 19710261-1653 Airmen in a village pub, Yorkshire, Miller Brittain, 19710261-1431 Home again, Miller Brittain, 19710261-1434 Night target, Germany, Miller Brittain, 19710261-1436 Corvette galley, Leonard Brooks, 19710261-1081 Potato peelers, Leonard Brooks, 19710261-1147 Parachute riggers, Paraskeva Clark, 19710261-5679 Before Zero Hour, Alex Colville, 19710261-2031 Bodies in a grave, Belsen, Alex Colville, 19710261-2033 Shattered landscape, Cleve, Alex Colville, 19710261-2116 Tragic landscape, Alex Colville, 19710261-2126 The Hitler Line, Charles Comfort, 19710261-2203 Night air raid, Charles Comfort, 19710261-2238 Via Dolorosa, Ortona, Charles Comfort, 19710261-2308 Wrecked Me210, Charles Comfort, 19710261-2314 Light coastal forces blow up an enemy merchantman, Richard Eurich, 19710261-6082 Submarine pens at Brest, Michael Forster, 19710261-6169 Wreckage on beach near Newhaven, England, Michael Forster, 19710261-6171 Face burns, Sgt James F. Gourlay, RAF, 536215, Charles Goldhamer, 19710261-3890 Early morning P.T., E J Hughes, 19710261-3174 You'll get used to it, T R MacDonald, 19710261-4397 CWAC Beauty Parlor #1, Pegi Nicol MacLeod, 19710261-5749 Mess deck, Nichols, Jack, 19710261-4303 Bombed houses, Caen, Normandy, Will Ogilvie, 19710261-4436 Bombed out, Will Ogilvie, 19710261-4437 Soldiers bathing, Will Ogilvie, 19710261-4759 Weighing down the tail, New Brunswick, Moses Reinblatt, 19710261-4982 Canadian airmen in a park, Goodridge Roberts, 19710261-5005 Hull rivetting, Frederick B Taylor, 19710261-192
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