and Canada
in the
Second World War
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Exhibition Theme - Casualties

Natives carrying wounded

Sali Herman (1898-1993)
Natives carrying wounded, Sali Herman, Australian War Memorial, ART22885

Herman's work is strongly reminiscent of Paul Gauguin's Tahitian paintings. Like Gauguin, he has captured the exotic qualities of the tropical land in his use of colour and simplified forms. His iconic image reflects the compassion and bravery of the New Guineans whose support was vital for Australian soldiers fighting the Japanese: "Many a man owes his life to the speedy action of the carriers. Each time I saw it, it was a dramatic and impressive sight."

Oil on canvas 101.8 x 127.1 cm
Painted in Sydney, 1946
Acquired under official war art scheme in 1946
Australian War Memorial

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