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Exhibition Theme - Leisure

Moresby picture show

Charles Bush (1919-1989)
Moresby picture show, Charles Bush, Australian War Memorial, ART26770

Donald Duck's quizzical expression establishes an interesting dialogue between the watchers and the watched. In the darkness the soldiers wearing their wet-weather gear appear transfixed by the colourful screen. Bush has chosen to capture the lighter side of service life. The day-to-day realities for a soldier in New Guinea were largely routine and boring. Distractions were necessary. This painting of servicemen watching Donald Duck at a picture show captures the lure of one of America's most popular cultural icons.

Oil on canvas on hardboard 51.4 x 40.8 cm
Painted in Port Moresby, New Guinea, 1943
Acquired under official war art scheme in 1949
Australian War Memorial

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