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Second World War
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Working in the snow, Australian forestry unit, Scotland

Sheila Hawkins (1905-1999)
Working in the snow, Australian forestry unit, Scotland, Sheila Hawkins, Australian War Memorial, ART26918

Hawkins became interested in activities that received little or no official recognition yet were a vital part of war on the home front. The Australian Forestry Company had originally expected to be sent to France; but then that country was occupied by German forces. And so, much to their frustration, they found themselves felling trees in Britain but were still expected to continue with regular military training. While on leave, Hawkins was given access to the forestry crews.

Crayon, Watercolour, gouache on paper 56 x 76.6 cm
Drawn in Scotland, 1942
Acquired in 1951
Australian War Memorial

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