Canvas of War [ Home ]Masterpieces from the Canadian War Museum

Airy, Anna Cookhouse, Witley Camp
Barraud, Cyril The Stretcher Bearer Party
Bastien, Alfred Over the Top, Neuville-Vitasse
Bastien, Alfred Dressing Station in the Field - Arras, 1915
Bastien, Alfred Canadian Gunners in the Mud, Passchendaele
Beatty, William Ablain-St. Nazaire
Brittain, Miller Night Target, Germany
Cloutier, Albert Night Traffic, Gander, Newfoundland
Cullen, Maurice Dead Horse and Rider in a Trench
Cullen, Maurice The Cambrai Road
Etchells, Frederick Armistice Day, Munitions Centre
Gill, Colin Canadian Observation Post
Jack, Richard The Second Battle of Ypres, 22 April to 25 May 1915
Jack, Richard The Taking of Vimy Ridge, Easter Monday, 1917
Jackson, A. Y. Gas Attack, Liévin
Jackson, A. Y. Screened Road 'A' (unfinished)
Jackson, A.Y. Houses of Ypres
Johnston, Frank Camp Borden
Kennington, Eric The Conquerors
Lismer, Arthur Olympic with Returned Soldiers
Lismer, Arthur Four-funnelled ship at dock
MacDonald, Manly Land Girls Hoeing
May, Mabel Women Making Shells
Moira, Gerald No. 3 Canadian Stationary Hospital at Doullens
Munnings, Alfred Charge of Flowerdew's Squadron
Nevinson, C. R. W. War in the Air
Nichols, Jack Drowning Sailor
Nicholson, William Canadian Headquarters Staff
Orpen, Sir William Lieutenant General Sir Arthur Currie
Quinn, James Major O. M. Learmonth, the Victoria Cross
Robinson, Albert Starting the Freighter
Russell, Gyrth The Crest of Vimy Ridge
Sims, Charles Sacrifice
Turnbull, John Air Fight
Varley, Fred German Prisoners
Varley, Fred For What?
Weirter, Louis The Battle for Courcelette
Wilkinson, Norman Canada's Answer

Aldwinckle, Eric Invasion Pattern, Normandy
Fisher, Orville Battle for Carpiquet Airfield
Bayefsky, Aba Perimeter Track and Dispersal at Sundown
Beament, Harold Passing?
Bobak, Bruno Tank Convoy
Brooks, Leonard Tangled Float No. 2
Colville, Alex Bodies in a Grave, Belsen
Colville, Alex Study for Bodies in a Grave
Colville, Alex Infantry, near Nijmegen, Holland
Comfort, Charles Campobasso
Cowley-Brown, Patrick Air to Ground
Goranson, Paul Marshalling of the Hallies
Harris, Lawren P. Private W. A. Haggard
Harris, Lawren P. Reinforcements Moving Up in the Ortona Salient
Holgate, Edwin The Dispersal Hut, 403 Squadron, Kenley, Surrey
Hughes, E. J. Armoured Car
Hyndman, Robert Dive Bombing V-1 Sites, France
Lamb Bobak, Molly Canteen, Nijmegen
Lamb, Henry Portrait of Trooper Lloyd George Moore, RCA
Law, Tony Canadian Tribal Destroyers in Action
MacDonald, T. R. Night Travellers
Mackay, Donald Signal Flag Hoist
Murphy, Rowley Seamen on Jetty Being Instructed on Bends and Hitches
Nichols, Jack Normandy Scene, Beach in Gold Area
Nicol MacLeod, Pegi Salmon in the Galley
Ogilvie, Will Horsa Gliders of the 6th Airborne Division
Pepper, George Tanks Moving Up for the Breakthrough
Reinblatt, "Moe" Dismantling Bent Props
Tinning, Campbell Drifting Down
Wood, Tom The Boarding of the U-744

Peacekeeping – Croatia, 1994
MacDonnell, William Sappers Clearing a Deadfall