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Canada and the 
Second World War
The World Crisis
Canada goes to War
Canada at Britain's side
The Battle of the Atlantic
Canada's War at sea
The War comes to Canada
The Battle for Hong Kong
Disaster at Dieppe
The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
Bomber Command
The Royal Canadian Air Force
The Home Front
The Italian Campaign
Canada at D-Day
The Normandy Campaign
Liberating Northwest Europe
The War against Japan
Forced Relocation: the Japanese-Canadian Story
Going Home
Counting the Cost
A Nation Transformed



Canada’s dispatched strong military forces to Britain as soon as possible.

Canada’s armed forces grew rapidly. In September 1939 alone, over 58,000 Canadians enlisted. By December, the first Canadian troops were on their way to Britain. Three years later, the First Canadian Army formed the heart of Canada’s 250,000-strong overseas commitment. Ottawa also placed its navy at Britain’s disposal and sent two fighter squadrons to Britain before the end of 1940. Many others would follow.

At first, it seemed almost a lost cause. By June 1940, Germany had defeated France and occupied most of western Europe. Italy also entered the war on Germany’s side, forming the ‘Axis’ alliance. Its allies in Europe defeated, Britain was suddenly threatened with invasion. For a full year, until Germany attacked the Soviet Union in June 1941, Canada was Britain’s principal remaining ally in the struggle against tyranny.

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Canada at Britain’s Side

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